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Features of All Saints Church

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AAThe North Wall of the nave which was taken down and rebuilt using the stones of the old wall in 1879, presumably due to actual or impending collapse.
BThis original window of c.1100 may have been moved from elsewhere in the church when the chancel was extended.as12thwindow.jpg - 19Kb
CInternal and external evidence of a narrow East window.asoldeastwindow.jpg - 12Kb
DDIn 1831 and before 1853 there was said to be no chancel arch. It either fell down or was taken down and probably rebuilt c.1879.
EEMark the eastern and the western limits of the stone church of c.1100.
FFThe sole remaining length of wall of c.1100 including a window of that date. The external buttress belongs to c.1879.
GDiminutive effigy of a women, head upon a cushion, a dog or other animal at the feet, (14th century)aswomaneffigy.jpg - 22Kb
G*Tomb slab of 14th century date for a child. In 1831 the slab was fixed in the west wall of the Tower. This effigy is unusual in the piercing either side of the head.aschild.jpg - 15Kb
HHThe extended Nave of c.1200, at which time the south doorway was constructed. The porch is from 1879 when it replaced an earlier squared porch.asporch.jpg - 14Kb
IA grave slab of c.1225 richly decorated with cross and traces of a sword.astombstone.jpg - 14Kb
JEvidence of a gallery at west end of the tower, probably for musicians and probably removed either in 1879 or before 1853.

Based on a Sketch Plan by P.R. Newman (1996)

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