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Worst Floods Since 2000 - Posted 28th September 2012

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Looking across the Nidd towards Nun Monkton from the track to Laund House

The wet summer has gone but autumn seems to be determined to carry on in the same vein. After 2 days of heavy rain on the 24th and 25th of September, which fell on already saturated ground, our two rivers, the Nidd and Ouse, burst their banks in spectacular fashion on the 26th.

The Nidd flooded the A59 at Skipbridge causing delays and massive queues of traffic in both directions as vehicles slowed to get through the temporary ford. Its waters also lapped the edge of the corner of Main Street and East Lane in the village. The Ouse made its way up drainage ditches and crossed the drive to Red House making progress in and out of the estate very tricky.

The Floods finally began to recede after peaking at about 10am on the 27th. The floods of November 2000 were worse as it is estimated that the Ouse at Red House was about 6 inches higher than this time.

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