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Lane End Lightning Strike - Posted 27th September 2012

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Houses at Lodge Farm were struck by lightning causing considerable damage and disruption

Sunday the 5th of August was just like another day of this rather wet summer. No one was too surprised when, in the afternoon, a large but localised storm brewed up and thunder could be heard all around. For residents of the Lane End area it suddenly came all too close to home when there was an almighty thunderclap and flash. It is believed that a lightning strike actually occurred on the houses at Lodge Farm, although there were no external signs of damage and there were no reports of injuries. However, inside the properties, the effects were extensive. Electrical and telecommunications equipment had been ruined and even some skirting boards had been blown away from the wall.

The strike was felt over the rest of the village as part of the Local Area Network broadband system had been destroyed. This caused the whole network to go down and it was not repaired until the following day.

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