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Right of Way Dispute - Posted 27th Feb 2012

Following a recent change of ownership of a field on the eastern edge of our township a dispute has arisen over the route taken by a public footpath which, up until recently, had passed through this field. The path is a fairly well used one, linking Thickpenny to Poppleton via Woodhouse Farm, and traditionally it has passed to the south of the hedge and ditch that borders Scally Moor Farm. However, on some Ordnance Survey maps it is shown passing along the north side of the ditch and through the garden of the farmhouse. The new owner of the field has erected a barricade of steel and wire to deter walkers from using the old route and this has resulted in several walkers knocking on the farm house door for an explanation.

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The barricade which stops walkers from taking the established path
from Scally Moor to Woodhouse Farm.
Scally Moor Farmhouse is in the background.

Scally Moor Farmhouse was built in 1983 on the site of existing buildings and there is little doubt that the commonly used route of the path at the time was south of the property’s boundary. The rights of way in England were specified in “The Definitive Map” published in 1953. However it is does contain many inaccuracies which, as in this case, can cause much inconvenience for landowners and walkers alike.

1202map.gif - 10Kb
Map showing the rights of way around Moor Monkton.
The disputed path, which is popular among local walkers,
links Scally Moor Farm to Woodhouse Farm.

The owners of Scally Moor, Steve and Christine Grice, have appealed to North Yorkshire County Council but, even though this case has been given a high priority, it is unlikely that a decision will be reached before the end of 2012.

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