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Community Broadband for Moor Monkton - It is working! - Updated 10th Apr 2012

There was a flurry of activity around the village towards the end of March as Nick Hall and his team at Clannet put up all the hardware necessary to connect Moor Monkton to the high speed broadband network of Nun Monkton. Workmen could be seen scaling roofs and attaching antennae to chimneys in order for the properties to receive the signal. The job was particularly difficult as, not only were they working to a deadline in order for the grant funding to be available, but they were also having to install the hardware initially and guess that it could "see" the previous antenna in the chain even though there was, as yet, no signal to check this. This caused some difficulty as, when the signal was switched on they sometimes found that the path was not totally clear and adjustments had to be made. Full credit must go to the team who worked long hours for weeks on end to finish the job.

In all, 28 houses and businesses took up the initial offer to join the network and, so far, it has been a huge success. Bandwidth speeds are easily as good as promised and, to the editor's knowledge, there has been only one "outage" in the second week which was soon resolved.

A big "thank you" goes to Cllr Dave Kirkham who worked tirelessy, giving his time and expertise, to make sure the project succeeded.

Community Broadband fast approaching - (Original Posting 17th Jan 2012)

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With the upgrade (from 10Mbps to 100Mbps) of the fibre optic broadband connection to Nun Monkton Primary School now in the testing stage, forms have gone out to residents of Moor Monkton allowing them to sign up for the service. This should see our bandwidth increase from a meager 0.5Mbps to 20Mbps.

An aerial will be installed in Nun Monkton to beam the service across the River Nidd to properties in Moor Monkton. The upgrade work has already been done by NyNET (a company set up to provide better broadband speeds for North Yorkshire County Council services) and then Clannet will be able to sell the service to residents and businesses of both villages. Costs start at £15 per month for 5Mbps up to £35 per month for 20Mbps uncontested service.

1201map.gif - 18Kb Each user of the service will need to have an aerial installed on the outside of their property which is linked by a cable to the customer's router box. The installation costs for this will be £300 but there is a grant available for the first 100 applicants in each project (ie Nun and Moor Monkton) which reduces this cost to £75. If less than 100 people take up the grant then the scheme could be expanded to include neighbouring villages - the transmitters can cover large distances. Nick Hall from Clannet reckons that about half of existing routers will work, the others will need to be replaced at a cost of £35.

Surveys will have to be done to check which properties can receive the signal directly, these will be the ones with a direct line of sight to the Nun Monkton aerial (trees disrupt the signal). Those with trees in the way will be able to receive a relayed signal from transmitters with line of sight. Looking at the map, Redhouse Wood would be a barrier for Park Farm, Thickpenny and Scally Moor Farm but the signal could be relayed from Red House which may have line of sight to the School.

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